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Facts about Paint Protection on New Cars
Paint Protection is a process to keep your car’s paint safe for a longer time and gives a glossy, mirror furnished look which attracts viewers towards your vehicle. The Maintenance of your car is much needed and it is highly preferable by the car manufacturers as well as the car owners. Choose the best paint protection method and best product to keep the paint of your car high furnish are well maintained.

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But there is a question comes to mind while choosing the best Paint Protection method, which method is secure? Which product is safe to use? Can it harm my car paint? Can it give a new highly mirror furnished look for a long time? We will discuss some facts about Paint Protection Film which you must want to know. Let us discuss below.

Every Paint Protection Product is useful for car. But before choosing the best product, keep one thing in mind that not every products are same having same resultant and not every car models are same. In Market, for different car models, different products are available. You cannot use any product simultaneously on any model. It may cause harm to your car paint.

Here are some facts which will save your time, money which choosing a best paint product for your car.

Fact 1: All Paint Protection Products are not same.
In Market, there are many paint protection products are available. But you cannot say, all products are same or of good quality. Products are varying with their price as well as their quality. If you will choose a low price of Product, you cannot get the desire result. Choose the best product that protects for dusts, bird droppings, bugs which will be worth a few dollars more, but it will give permanent shine. Many products offer different degrees for lasting shine. The product which provides a ling shine with less maintenance, is quite worth for you.

Fact 2: Prevention is better than Cure.
Paint Protection is normally used to protect your car paint form outer stuffs. Prevention is better than cure. A best protection system for your car should protect for a long time. It is not too late if you have not protect your car form the day one. You can use the paint protection system at any time. But after the application of paint protection product on your car, you have to be continue for further protect.

Fact 3: Try to avoid Car Waxing.
Car Waxing is not a regular solution for paint protection. It can give a instant shine, but cannot provide a long term well furnished look. There are several drawbacks of car waxing like, it is made up of “wax”, which melts with heat. Excess heat on Car Waxed paint work may soften the wax which will cause of shine loss.

Fact 4: Bird dropping is the great rival of Paint Work.
Bird dropping is the greatest rival of paint works rather than other outside interference. UV Ray also harms the paint work. But this can take years. More immediate danger is Bird Droppings which can damage the car paint instantly or in few days.

Do’s and Don’t in Paint Protection:
It is most important for taking care of your car after Paint Protection Process. You have to take care of some things like washing and detailing. Try to use reputable detailers and safe car wash which simply prevents damage of your car skin. Treat the car paintwork as your own skin. Try to use good quality of shampoo which minimizes the surface scratching from friction during washing.

Do not wash your car in direct sunlight. Do not put your car through brush car wash system. It may scratch your paintwork lightly. Prevent acidic products while washing and cleaning. They may harm the paintwork.

Normally use the “Skin Rule”. Treat your car paint work as of your own skin. If it is good for your skin, then it is good for your car.

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