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How to keep wheels and rims in top condition – Car Detailing
For those of us who class their car as their pride and joy, maintaining it to keep it looking like brand new is not such an arduous task. For those who think their car just transports them from A to B, looking after your wheels and rims might sound just a tad too difficult. However you may feel about your car, taking care of one of the most important components of your vehicle should be on your radar. First you need to understand rims can come in different types:

• Standard steel rims
• Alloys or Mags

Steel rims provide strength and an ability to last a long time. Although they don’t make a “statement” to a vehicle, steel rims can be dressed up with a hub cap to provide some aesthetic appeal.

Alloys or commonly known as Mags, can be a combination of aluminium and magnesium and although lighter in weight then steel wheels, still deliver the same strength and durability whilst offering a higher level of appeal as different designs are available. Generally more expensive than steel wheels but able to provide a “signature” look to the vehicle.

To take it a step further your vehicle may also have powder coated wheels. Powder coating of alloy rims provides an attractive finish, comes widely available in a variety of colours which also aids in resistance to corrosion.

So whichever type of wheel or rim you have determines how you care for them. In Malaysia, we can experience different road and weather conditions depending on where you live. Whether you live in Selangor where your vehicle can experience below zero temperatures or you reside in Darwin and swelter through 40 degree temperatures or live in the Outback and drive along dusty, dirt roads, looking after your wheels and rims is really a must. In order to prevent damage and rust, AZ Car Detailing provide some tips on how best to do this:

• For steel and alloy rims, firstly rinse off all dirt, dust and any debris with the hose
• Wash all the face of the rims and wheel nuts with warm water, a soft microfiber cloth and a quality rim cleaning product specifically for steel or alloy rims
• Use a brush to clean the inside area of the rim where grime from the road and brake dust accumulates in the hard to reach places
• Wash the tyres as well
• Rinse off the rims and tyres with the hose
• Dry rims with a soft microfiber cloth or chamois
• Apply a polish specific for steel or alloy rims if desired
• Apply a tyre shine product to the tyres, generally available in a spray on or foam form which leaves tyres looking black and glossy like new

If you have powder coated rims, the same cleaning steps apply however you will need to use a cleaning product purely for powder coated rims and not use polish so you don’t damage the finish.
Other points to consider are always have the correct air pressure in your tyres and park your vehicle carefully so you don’t scrape or damage your rims.

By undertaking this basic cleaning regime regularly you will have you wheels and rims looking like new and lasting you a lifetime.

If you would like a professional with all the industry know how and correct products to take care of cleaning your vehicles wheels and rims, simply contact our friendly team at AZ Car Detailing!

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